flashes and paint.

last wednesday...
i spent the entire evening at a photo shoot that featured the new eco-friendly clothing line of renowned Filipino fashion designer
Puey Quinones.
i like him a lot. he's friendly and down-to-earth. not to mention, he's tremendously talented. i mean, sure. his stuff may not entirely go hand-in-hand with my personal style but i applaud him for incorporating art into his clothes. i best appreciate the distinct structural design of his pieces. very contemporary.
and oh. in case you're wondering... NOPE. i wasn't the photographer. and nope. i definitely didn't model. i was there to "morally" support my friend, Jules. the whole shindig's for her thesis and i just wanted to be there to help her out. but i ended up pigging out on barbecues and donuts instead. so i'm now apologizing for being such a useless nuisance. haha!
that's Bea, wearing one of the jackets from the said collection. if i'm not mistaken, the guys from Bilibid Prison were the ones who painted the them. i reckon it's Puey's way of helping out those prisoners, which i think is very noble. and yes, that's Jules, our incredible hostess, in blue (thanks, dear!).
and here's a shot of "the wall" at Puey's penthouse studio, which i think is cute.
so there you have it. i'll be posting all the other photos in my multiply. but for the meantime, here's a shot of us kids.
[L-R: Loris, Jules, Mike, Sha, Sean]

by the way, there will be an event on SEPTEMBER 6, 2008 at the PODIUM. the photos from the shoot will be exhibited, together with some of the clothes from Puey Quinones' collection. be there and check it out. let's all support Jules Syjuco and her team!


chuck and carrie.

so, tell me.
is Chuck Bass the new Carrie Bradshaw?
i found this online.
i'm flabbergasted on how it makes such perfect sense. haha!


the bermuda shorts.

for some reason, i now have this sudden fondness towards shorts.
i know the "leggy" trend in men has been around for quite some time now, yet it wasn't until yesterday that i actually wore pseudo-short shorts (cut above the knee). i've always been a tad bit conscious about my legs since i've always thought they're not long or toned enough for display. as a matter of fact, i shocked myself yesterday for having had the guts to cuff my bermudas above the knee.
photo: the Sartorialist

it never really occurred to me how the length of one's shorts is actually essential to the look that one is trying to achieve. until this moment, that is. now i know why some men prefer to wear theirs shorter than the usual Quicksilver/ Billabong cut. i see that unlike boardies, they make my legs look longer and they make my entire outfit look sleeker. which apparently means, this can help make any guy look more proportioned and less sloppy. nice, 'di ba?
the British Army in Bermuda (where the shorts first became popular). circa 1930s.

but of course i'm talking about bermuda shorts. obviously, there are different kinds available in the market. these are more tailored and can oftentimes be worn in dressy occasions. take note that unlike cargo shorts or baggy khakis, its hem can be cuffed or un-cuffed around one to two inches above the knee. that means they're really made short. so don't just fold any type of pair you have lying around your closet thinking that you can use them for this look

some inspirations:
Louis Vuitton S/S 2009
Neil Barrett S/S 2009
Versace S/S 2009 (my favorite)
Veronique Branquinho S/S 2009

this is how i wore them. what do you think?
here's a few tips if you plan to wear these shorts:
fit is of primary importance. pick a trimmer style. avoid those loose baggy ones, unless you have big muscular legs. or else you'll end up having two toothpicks hanging below your torso. for the length: just above the knee is perfect. don't go too long OR too short (well, that's another story).
i also suggest you wear them with rolled-up long-sleeves or an open jacket. believe me, you won't go wrong with that. as for footwear: loafers, slip-ons, moccasins, and other dress shoes are the most appropriate. and yeah. please don't show your socks.


canvas and rope.

i'm sure you've seen them around Zara. they're casual sandals with uppers made of  canvas (or cotton fabric) and flexible soles made of rope (or rubber molded to look like rope). if you're like me, you're also probably wondering why nobody has ever gotten them yet. or at least, you've never seen anyone wearing them here. 
photo: the Sartorialist
European men have been wearing them during the summer. it actually became quite a trend. personally, i like how they're shabby and chic at the same time. undoubtedly casual, but not at all rugged. unfortunately, it's a bit too late for me to be wearing them now (unless, of course, i go to the beach or anywhere sunny) since we're currently "enjoying" the rainy season.
espadrilles at the Gucci S/S 06 runway show.
wait. familiar ba?
oh. by the way, i can't help but post this photo.
yup. that's John F. Kennedy wearing his own pair.
it actually makes me want to go on a cruise. don't you think they're perfect for the Mediterranean islands?  i can just imagine myself walking around the shores of Rondinara beach, south-east of Corsica (France), in 'em sandals.
but yeah. baby steps. perhaps sa swimming pool muna ako for now.


the sport.

most of you might not know this but i'm an extreme tennis fanatic. i watch all the matches on TV (thank you balls!) and i keep track of the ATP rankings.
i used to play when i was a lot younger. and by that, i meant my preteen years. looking back, i wish i made the most out of it. if i continued on training, i'd probably be really good by now. perhaps even good enough to compete in Wimbledon or the US Open. haha! asa.

but seriously. tennis is the only sport (golf is just a back-up) that i genuinely enjoy. since i don't play anything else (no basketball, football, etc. for me), i should've at least made an effort to be terrific at it.
Nike Air Breath Max Cage II (worn by Rafael Nadal)

that's why i plan to get myself new tennis shoes (still deciding if i should replace my old racquet or not) so i can go back to the courts. great thing my friend Lauren has promised she'd play with me every week. we still need to find two more recruits though, so we can play mixed doubles.
here's a pic of the new World's No.1 Rafael Nadal of Spain and my favorite tennis player Richard Gasquet of France. Rafa recently replaced the Swiss champion Roger Federer  on the no.1 position in the South African Airways ATP rankings. not only that, he also won gold in the Beijing Olympics. man. he's totally wicked.
however. Gasquet is still my tennis idol. he's only on the no.12 spot but i still think he's awesome. GO TEAM FRANCE! haha.

the secret garden.

i have yet to read the original novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett (published 1909), but i think the 1993 film adaptation is simply phenomenal.
yesterday, i was able to watch it again on HBO. i remember seeing it for the first time as a child. and man, did i love it. i was completely captivated by this film, and apparently, i still am. that's why it really saddens me how they don't make movies like these anymore. i swear, the 90's was such a good decade for kids like me.
since this isn't a movie review (i'm not a critic), i won't be telling you about the film's plot and whatnot. nonetheless. it's already pretty obvious that i personally loved the movie, so i highly recommend that you watch it. if you already have, watch it again.
the look reminds me of what i wore to a costume party back in '06.

by the way, this is one of the many Francis Ford Coppola films that i have a soft spot for. i'm truly a huge fan of his (and his daughter Sofia Coppola's) work. they've directed/produced a whole bundle of outstanding films that have fascinated both viewers and critics alike.


the panic.

guess who i almost saw this afternoon.
so yeah. i went to HSBC to sign a few documents for my new account. before going home, i decided to drop by the Podium since it was just across the street.
whilst doing my usual rounds, i noticed the peculiar amount of people on the fourth floor. then i remembered seeing a poster somewhere saying that Panic at the Disco would be doing a "meet and greet" at 6pm today.
to cut it short, i didn't stay. i guess i just didn't feel like waiting for them. probably 'cause i'm not really a fan. i don't even know much about them. i do like one of their songs though. but that's it. however. i've still gotta give them credit. they know how to dress. i love the whole Victorian-slash-Goth thing they've got going on. totally snazzy.

**posted last wednesday**

the need.

okay. i seriously need to get myself a new camera. seriously. but i'm still not sure which model i should get.

Canon EOS 450D SLR Digital Camera 12.4 Megapixels

whenever i ask my friends about it, they all tell me to get a Canon. they say it's easier to use. hmm.. i dunno. i'm not happy about the fact that it's "user-friendly" and that everyone has it. it's like Nokia. it's great and all, but it's so common (no offense to those who use Canons and Nokias).

Sony Alpha DSLR-350 Digital Camera 12.2 Megapixels

i'm actually eyeing on a Sony. i probably got that from my dad. when it comes to gadgets, he doesn't patronize any other brands. he's so arte, it kills me.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T100 Full HD Digital Camera 8 Megapixels

this is the old crappy camera i'm currently using. i mean, sure. it was nice when it was still new. but for some reason, it's lost its luster. not to mention it takes ridiculously bad photos. ugh.

so yeah. tell me what you think. i'm not a pro at this so i need your help.


leather and lace.

spotlight on: Carissa

ladies and gents, meet one of my best-est BEST friends, Chinky. i hung out with her yesterday (from day to dawn). this is what she wore to school.
what do you think?
i love. it's the classic white-shirt-and-jeans look but with a luxurious twist. the shirt's ruffles and lace exude this elegant old-world charm that's just impossible to ignore. as it's paired with plain blue jeans and a small leather bag, the whole outfit transforms into this contemporary and sophisticated ensemble.
check out the details on her top.
the classic Chanel purse gives a delightful contrast to the dainty white lace. to me, it's just perfect.

top: thrifted
jeans: hippie bazaar - HK
bag: vintage Chanel


the school boys.

say hello to Nate Archibald and Chuck Bass.
they're two of the most popular school boys in the entire Western Civilization.
and then there's me, the most popular school boy
in the whole sean's-own-little-world. haha
last saturday was an interesting day for us EM boys. in honor of tradition, we Juniors were given our own blazers to signify our growth in the Program, or whatever explanation they have about it. 
in any case, i'm just really happy with how mine turned out. it fits me perfectly. i'm very much impressed with our tailor. i didn't expect it to be that impeccably-made. yay!
here's a photo of me with two of my closest friends in the program, Justin and Yuri.
compare us, if you must. ROFLMAO.


smooth and silky.

spotlight on: Erika.

ladies and gentlemen, meet one of my loveliest and dearest friends, Er. i don't get to see her much anymore. but during the few times we do see each other, she's always well put together. very simple yet extremely elegant.
this is what she wore to Agnes' house party. what do you think?
i've always known her to be quite the Topshop/Zara addict. in fact, she can easily be the poster girl for high street fashion. which, in her case, is a good thing. usually, when people become high street zombies, the clothes tend to wear them. and not the other way around.
but Erika completely owns any outfit. her subdued confidence and her fresh personality brings life to whatever she has on. which consequently, is the real essence of style.
although she's a fan of mainstream fashion,
she still manages to make every look her own.
which is wonderful, of course.
here's to you, bebegurr! i miss you!

dress: Topshop
shoes: Zara
bag: Louis Vuitton

for Agnes.

meet the one and only hotNESs (pun intended).
last friday, we not only celebrated the 2008 Beijing Olympics, but we also celebrated the birthday of one of my most cherished friends, Agnes. i've known her since freshman year and she's always been remarkably beautiful (inside/out). and i say that with all sincerity.
happy birthday, gorgeous.
love you!

the olympics.

last friday (08.08.08) was the start of the Beijing Olympics.
unfortunately, i wasn't able to watch the opening ceremony. i was immensely preoccupied that night. but i heard from everyone that it was absolutely spectacular. flawless from start to finish.
man. i've gotta to see that for myself. remind me to search for a video.
whew! thank God for the internet. 

by the way, can i just mention? isn't it incredibly cool that Ralph Lauren is the official outfitter to the U.S. Olympic Team this year?
i mean seriously. how awesome is that? i love how their look is so elegant and refined. say goodbye to track suits, people. this is how the dignified Olympians wear their gear. very sleek.
yup. makes me want to be an athlete now. haha!
Olympic Team members Deontay Wilder and Brianna Glenn.
boxer Deontay Wilder with rower Giuseppe Lanzone.

hmm... i wonder if they'd be available to the public.
i want the cricket sweater. sobra.
i must say, Ralph, you've truly outdone yourself.